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As life changes for all of us, so does the way we connect. Online One on One sessions are just as safe and confidential as meeting in person. If you're looking for the same love and guidance but prefer the comfort of your home, my online program may be just what you're looking for.


Grief is Emotional, Not Logical

The grief that comes with any emotional loss can be overwhelming and also very isolating. Often people find that those they normally count on for emotional support are at a total loss when it comes to offering effective and meaningful assistance. They will often give you logical reasons why you should not feel bad, but that rarely helps. 


Time alone will not heal your broken heart!


The fact that you are seeking help in dealing with that emotional pain is not a sign of weakness, but rather a recognition on your part that you are interested in taking recovery action!


It’s never too soon to heal your heart.

What you can expect?

  • Your online meetings will utilize a carefully selected network that ensures secured privacy and does not allow for recording any session.


  • Working in the one-on-one online format allows you more flexibility in selecting a meeting time convenient to your personal schedule.


  • Each of these six meetings will last roughly one hour.

  • I will guide you through the Grief Recovery Method steps, utilizing the materials spelled out in “The Grief Recovery Handbook – 20th Anniversary Expanded Edition.”

  • As with the other programs, I offer you a safe environment where you can honestly share your feelings, with absolute confidentiality assured.

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In today's world, meeting someone virtually has become normal. I have clients throughout the country, and I can honestly say they have the same transformations as a client in my office.

However we meet, you are sure to leave feeling happier, emotionally lighter, and have a shift in perspective on handling the loss. 

Not sure if this program is right for you? Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with me to learn more.

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