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Take Control Of Your Happiness!

Have you ever thought you would be so much happier if someone said or did what you wanted them to do?

“If he was really my soulmate then he would do what I want.”

“If only my boss would show me more respect then I’d be happier at my job.”

“If my child would just stop interrupting me all the time then I wouldn’t be so stressed.”


If we don't take the first step in our healing, we will always be a victim

Did you every think if your children would just do more chores, or if your partner would stop spending money, you would be happy?

If we make other peoples actions responsible for our happiness, then we will never be truly happy.

Don't you feel more free and empowered knowing you are responsible for your own feelings?

We cannot change other people .

When we work on ourselves from the inside, we see the relationships around us change. The more positive energy we project, the more positive energy comes back to us.

Emotional pain and trauma is behind the beliefs we have on how to deal with our grief.

What we have been taught from childhood, is holding us back from healing.

I can help you identify what beliefs and relationships hurt you most.

I have a solution to bring you emotional freedom, but it requires action.

Take the first step to learn how to release the pain and finding your true happiness again

Set up your free discovery call so we can make sure The Grief Recovery Method is best for you!

Much Peace and Happiness ,


"The program gave me a clearer understanding of my grief. It also gave me tools to use in the process of moving through my grief. At the conclusion of the program, I felt capable of living a fulfilling life in harmony with my grief instead of being completely obsessed with the grief."

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