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Survival To Revival

Finding Purpose after Loss

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Survival to Revival is an in person community that is committed to guide you as you take the next steps to rebuild your life after a loss. There is so much healing that occurs when we connect with a community of people that have similar losses. 

What To Expect:

  • We will meet every other Thursday at 10 am Our first session beings October 19th and runs through April 4th

  • You will be provided with a workbook and all of the materials needed throughout our time together. 

  • I maintain a safe and confidential space to listen, tell stories, grow and learn how to move forward , not move on. 

  • I will guide you along your journey with my knowledge and experience of grief and loss.

Investment Options:


$40 per session ($480 total for 12 sessions)


$450 if paid in full 

Invoices will be sent after registration is accepted

"I am doing things on my own that I have never been confident to do before."


grief group attendee

~Grieving takes Courage~ 

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