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Meet Bethann

Hi, I'm Bethann, a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Widow Coach, a widow of a 1st Responder and proud mom of 4 girls! I'm also in real, genuine, respectful, honest love.


By the time I was 36, I had lost both of my parents and my husband. Navigating life was scary, and I found myself constantly second-guessing my decisions. I was isolating myself from friends because I thought if I dealt with my losses alone, it would be easier on the people affected by these deaths. I finally realized I was not helping my children until I could help myself.

The Grief Recovery Method helped boost my confidence and belief in myself. I am lovable again. I laugh, cry, joke and smile about all my losses.

Today, I take all of my experiences and education to teach grievers the tools to work through their pain of loss and guide them as they rediscover who they are and recreate a life that serves them. 

I look forward to walking alongside you as you heal and begin to live your life to its fullest.

Ways to work with Bethann

One on One Grief Recovery

A private, comfortable setting where you can share your emotional pain in a safe, confidential and compassionate way.

Support Groups 

Join a community of like minded grievers that are looking for support from a group that "gets it" I facilitate General Grief Groups as well as groups focused on a specific loss 

Widow Life Coaching

Losing a spouse is one of the hardest things we can ever go through. As a trained life coach and widow myself, I specialize in helping others navigate this difficult time. With my guidance, you'll gain clarity on your life goals and find the strength and resilience needed to move forward and find happiness again.

Free Grief Recovery Resources


This was my absolute favorite as it hits close to home. The information was amazing.
March 30, 2023

Let's Talk

Thank you for reaching out. I will be in touch very soon.

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